Annual Health Checkups for Children at Nyle Hospital Cost-effective and Reliable

Owing to increasing awareness from parents side in knowing the health status of their child on a regular basis, many hospitals have come forward to offer the service of annual health checkups for children involving all the necessary tests and analysis that would give a clear picture of the development and risk factors associated with any form of disease and disorder. Such services targets kids from toddlers to adolescents who are in the peak of growth and development.

Advantages of Annual Health Checkups for Your Children

  • Any disease or disorder can be indentified in the early stage rather than allowing it to get complicated. There are several diseases that when detected early can be cured or controlled, but if treatment is delayed, it may put childs life into risk.
  • Tests to detect commonly occurring diseases such as anaemia, urinary infection, tuberculosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergy, kidney stones, diabetes, etc. will be covered in such review packages.
  • Parents can be free from the stress of immunization, because if any case of forgotten or skipped immunization dose, it can be verified by the physician in the annual checkups. Later the missed vaccines can be administered according to doctors suggestion.
  • Parents can be aware of the physical, mental, motor, behavioural and emotional development of their children.
  • It is one of the cost-effective means of tracking your childrens health status.
  • Children, especially girls can be educated beforehand regarding their sexual development, which may sometimes cause stress and anxiety in some girls while experiencing without prior knowledge.
  • The doctor gets an opportunity to counsel children and adolescents for promoting healthy behaviour and clean habits.
  • Parents can clarify all the doubts concerning the health status of their child.
  • Hereditary risks factors, for instance diabetes, leukaemia, etc., can be concentrated in the annual checkups and if confirmed can be treated accordingly.
  • Oral health care is very essential for children to identify the presence of tooth carries in the beginning stage so that you can save the loss of teeth.
  • A general physician or paediatrician would check your childs height and weight, discuss physical activity, sleeping and general eating habits, and make assessment of teeth and gums, hearing and eyesight, social and emotional development, and motor and language skills.
  • It is very good to file the annual health reports of your child, because it may sometimes help in the case of emergency medical care.

General Tests Carried Out

  • Complete physical examination
  • Tests for hearing and vision
  • Urine test
  • Blood test
  • X-ray and scan
  • Dental examination
  • Test for blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Scoliosis screening
  • Emotional screening