Date : 20-12-2017

Endometriosis is known as a uterus disorder in which a tissue that is developed with the uterus lining of the uterus will develop outside the uterine cavity. The uterus lining is called as the endometrium. The problem of endometriosis can occur in fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the pelvis tissues lining. Endometriosis occurs when an endometrium tissue develops in bowel, ovaries, or pelvis tissues lining.

What is an endometrial implant?

The development of endometrial tissue from the outside the uterus is known as an endometrial implant. Generally, it is unusual to develop endometrial tissue outside the pelvic region, but again it is not impossible. Nyle women’s and children super-specialty hospital in Thrissur has best treatment facilities for endometriosis. The hospital has qualified and experienced doctors to treat endometriosis and provides highly successful results.

What are the causes of endometriosis?

The causes of endometriosis are
· Embryonic cell transformation
· Regressive menstruation
· Transport of endometrial cells
· Transformation of peritoneal cells
· Disorder in immune system
· Implantation of surgical scar

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

The symptoms of endometriosis include
· Pain during intercourse
· Pain during periods
· Pain in urination or bowel movements
· Excessive bleeding
· Infertility
· Diarrhea or fatigue
· Nausea or bloating
· Constipation

What are the risk factors for developing endometriosis?

The risk factors for endometriosis are
· Inability in giving birth
· Short time period of menstrual cycles
· Periods begin at an early age
· Low body mass index
· Menopause stage
· Uterine abnormalities
· High levels of estrogen
· Possibility of ovarian cancer
· Problem in fertilization and implantation
Sometimes, misplaced endometrial tissue struck in the pelvis area. Then, grow and develop a thick structure that can cause irritation, adhesions, scar formation, severe pain, and fertility problems.

What are the treatment options available for endometriosis?

The treatment options available are
· Medication
· Hormonal therapy
· Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GRNH) agonist and antagonist
· Hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills, patches
· Conservative surgery
· Hysterectomy (last resort surgery)
· Laparoscopy
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