Counselling Clinic for Childrens Common Problems (Weekly) Subspecialty Service of Nyle Hospital

Childrens Counselling clinic is the right place to visit by parents when the problems encountered by children goes beyond control and parents find difficulty in handling them. This subspecialty is equipped with a team of dedicated professionals who provide individually tailor-made services specially designed for overcoming various conditions of behavioural, emotional, relationship or social problems (mild to severe) of children. The number of visits to the clinic depends on the health status of the child (either weekly, or once in a month, or once in every 3 months, etc). The resulting outcomes after the scheduled visits to the counselling clinic include:

Article 77

  • Visible positive behaviour of children both in the family and at school
  • Strengthened socialising skills and developed self-esteem
  • Developing self-control and knowing how to manage anger
  • Stabilizing after a psychiatric crisis
  • Showing progress at school
  • Avoiding conflicts with members of the family , peers and teachers
  • Getting out of the traumatic effects caused by abuses
  • Recovering from emotional disturbances

Individual Counselling for Children and Teens

The following are the common problems handled at the counselling clinic:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Hopelessness and mood disorders
  • Childhood emotional and behavioural concerns
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Lack of socialising skills
  • Guilt feeling
  • Stress and anger
  • Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Alcohol, smoke and substance addiction
  • Attachment and abandonment issues
  • Loss and grief
  • Weight and nutrition issues
  • The Childrens Counselling Centre provides the following proven practices for betterment of children behaviour


  • Trauma Focused Care

    Therapy for of trauma affected kids falling between 4 and 18 years of age.

  • Counselling for Family-related Issues

    Therapy and counselling for children exposed to abuse and/or violence belonging to the age group of 4 18.

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy

    Therapy for depression in 12 18 aged children

  • Positive Parenting

    Providing counselling for parents and caretakers to enhance their parenting skills.

  • Puberty Care

    Educating girl children about the general anatomy, puberty symptoms, hormonal changes, bleeding issues, etc. to eliminate the fear associated with maturation.

    Other General Practices for Children Include:

  • Medication Support Services

    Evaluation of certain drugs that are required to reduce the effect of health conditions as well as monitoring the after-effects of psychotropic medication.

  • Psychological Testing

    Assessing children regarding their personality, cognitive and developmental skills.

  • School-based Services

  • Referring for back-to-school physicals or rendering counselling services to children at schools.

  • The prime goal of Counselling Clinic for Children is to provide prevention, early diagnosis and intervention and high-quality services related to mental health both for children and their family