Ear Piercing of Kids at Nyle Hospital

Most of the babies ears are pierced due to cultural factor or family traditions, and of course some do it for aesthetic reason. It is highly suggested to get the ear pierced only after the baby had reached 2 orabove months of age, so that the developing immune system can fight against the infection caused due to piercing. Despite doctors advice, some parents perform the ceremony just few days after birth which is highly risky. Parents must ensure that ear piercing is done by trained staff using proper equipment. It is better to avoid ear-piercing guns as they are unsterilized. Good decision is to choose paediatricians help in performing the piercing.

Care for Babys Pierced Ears

After the ear piercing, the childs body will work automatically in the healing process resulting in slight swelling, inflammation or redness around the affected point. Tips to be followed to decrease the risk of infection and favour quick healing include:

  • It is good to rotate the earrings two times a day and gently clean the ear lobes with an antiseptic or rubbing alcohol or ointment prescribed by the doctor.
  • Never try to change the earring before the completion of six weeks so that ears can get healed sooner. New earring can be replaced after 6 weeks, but gold studs are prioritised to avoid infection.
  • If the surrounding area of the pierced point appears tender or red, it indicates infection and must be taken into doctors notice.

Possible Complications Due to Ear Piercing in Infants


One of the common complications occurring at the pierced area is infection. The reasons for infection may be unsterilized piercing equipment, earring made of some metal other than gold, earring with dirty posts, or tight screwing of earrings. If the infection is severe, puss may be formed accompanied by fever.

Allergic Reactions

Ear lobe infection can occur due to allergic reaction caused by the earring metal. It is better to avoid earrings made of nickel. Earrings made of 14 karatgold or surgical steel are recommended for infants ears.

Earring Hazards

Several accidents are prone to occur due to bad choice of earring. For instance, if the earring is loose and easily removal type, there are chances for the kid to swallow the earring and result in choking. In some cases, the sharp posts of the earring may fall into ear lobe and demand for medical support to remove it.

Tearing of the Earlobe

If the earring is of hoop drop or dangling type, it may cause earlobe damage. The hoop may get caught in clothing or force other kid to pull the earring and cause tearing. Wise choice is to go for ear studs rather than designer ones.

If your child is subjected to any of the above complications, immediately seek the attention of paediatrician and follow the instructions suggested by the physician.