Emergency Services Provided at Nyle Hospital

The state of one or more circumstances that demand for immediate attention is considered as emergency situation. Such kind of circumstances may lead to significant injuries, or disrupt operations or environment, or physical damage or threaten the life of people. During those critical situations, emergency services serve as a life-saving mode in handling the condition as per the level of requirement. Emergency services are indicated by other terms as emergency medical ambulance service (EMAS) or emergency medical ambulance rescue service (EMARS) which are dedicated to serve outside the hospital by helping people with injuries and sickness.

Goals of Emergency Service

  • The goalsm of ost of the emergency department include:
  • To provide attention to people in need of immediate medical care
  • Managing the present situation of the patient
  • Arranging for on-time shifting of patientsto the next level of definitive care
  • Providing first-aid to injured patients

    Major emergency

    Any incident, either actual or potential, which is found to affect community members call for immediate care provided by the emergency services.

    Disaster – Any sudden misfortune or unforeseen incident that led to huge property destruction or several loss of life is considered as major emergency case and requires immediate medical support for saving the life of many people affected by the disaster.

    Level 1 Emergency

    A level 1 emergency denotes a major emergency, disaster or major crisis that needs urgent response and great commitment of medical resources from emergency service department.

    Level 2 Emergency

    A level 2 emergency or situational emergency is one that needs immediate response and full commitment of medical resources from various units or departments of a hospital, but will remain within the potential of the hospital management, for instance, student affected by bacterial meningitis,utilities failure, bomb threat, etc. Such emergencies sometimes may involve other agencies wanting to provide specialized assistance.

    Level 3 Emergency

    A level 3 emergency or critical incident represents a minor emergency or serious incident having the ability to seek more medical resources than the reacting department comprises. This level is accepted only when the situation moves towards better classification. The vital decision-making responsibility falls in the hands of the hospital department normally handling the situation.

    Whether it belongs to level 1, or level 2, or level 3 emergencies, the emergency service rushes to help them and control the situation to greater levels.