Nyle women and children hospital
Nyle women and children hospital

About Nyle Hospital

Nyle Hospital Highly Advanced Women and Children Subspecialty Healthcare Centre Nyle Hospital for Women and Children is one of the leading subspecialties equipped with highly trained and experienced physicians as well as more advanced technological infrastructure specializing in the treatment and care of infants, children, adolescents and adult women. The subspecialties of Nyle Hospital are numerous that aim to provide advanced medical care to women and children with any kind of health issues. They are as follows:

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Our Speciality Clinics

yoga and health care

Yoga And Healthcare


Yoga therapy is a self-empowering and highly individualised process that acts as a bridge connecting healthcare and fitness. Interest for workout may fade away after sometimes,

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menopause clinic

Menopause Clinic


The experience of menopause is never the same for all women. In some cases, the symptoms are never shown, while in some others, it may disturb the normal life activities.

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child growth and development clinic

Growth And Developement Clinic


Growth and Development Clinic helps in the growth and development of children who show abnormalities after birth. Developmental disabilities in children may start

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children counselling clinic

Conselling Clinic For Children's Common Problem


Childrens Counselling clinic is the right place to visit by parents when the problems encountered by children goes beyond control

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New website nylehospitals.com is launched with its new features and specialities....
Launching of Nyle Womens & Childrens Super speciality Hospitalat Kaiparambu, Thrissur.  
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