Menopausal Clinic Best Speciality Clinic of Nyle Hospital

The experience of menopause is never the same for all women. In some cases, the symptoms are never shown, while in some others, it may disturb the normal life activities. Women must be aware of the fact that menopause is the stop button for their monthly periods indicating their ageing and end of reproduction. Although, most of the women experience their menopausal stage at late 40s or early 50s, some may experience it at an early age due to several factors, including surgical removal of ovaries or uterus.

Menopausal clinics are devoted to care for women during such hectic days of menopausal symptoms by providing complete medical consultation and nursing care. The gynaecologists are experienced and knowledgeable to provide right answers to all your questions, helping to make you aware of the symptoms and pain, aid in overcoming the situation without stress and fear and above all care for overall wellness. Apart from menopausal care, women may be treated for other medical issues that accompany the symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, increased pressure and tension, etc.

Menopausal clinic focuses in educating women apart from examination and treatment. It provides simple ways to get relieved from symptom and promote health. Only women at the perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal stage are provided with the needed gynaecologic care. Once the menopausal concerns are under control, the patient is directed to general medical care department or to the referral physician.

Some woman may experience distressing symptoms that triggers them to seek medical advice. Sometimes, the symptoms may not respond to the treatments provided by general physicians or certain medical problems may hinder the use of standard treatments. If the menopausal symptoms last for longer duration after the last menstrual cycle, physicians at menopausal clinic can help to cease them gradually.

At the menopausal clinic, women will be guided by the gynaecologist and staff nurse to provide treatment and care for affected ones. The consultation is usually collaborated with other multidisciplinary team for making the therapy safe and effective. The team provides therapy options that aid in overcoming menopausal symptoms as well as suggest women in various activities such as nutrition and exercise. Sex counselling is also rendered by the healthcare provider to ensure better relationship even after menopause.

Wide range of treatment options are suggested for managing symptoms. The doctor would advice for the most suitable treatment based on the health status of woman. The clinical services commonly provided at the menopausal clinic include:

  • medical therapies for alleviating the menopausal symptoms
  • Guidance for lifestyle activities including nutrition and exercise
  • Sexual counselling for better living
  • Therapy for other health conditions associated with menopause
  • Care for womens bone health
  • Care for heart disorders that occur due to menopause