Neonatology at Nyle Hospital Care for Newborns

What is Neonatology?

It is meaningless to compare a newborn baby with an adult! The medical issues encountered by an adult are never the same as that experienced by a baby. Handling the medical condition of a newborn is quite a big challenge. Neonatologyis the medical subspecialty ofpaediatricsdomain comprising medical care of newborn babies, particularly the premature and sick infants. It is generally a hospital-based subspecialty and linked withneonatal intensive care units(NICUs).

In some cases, the babies are delivered before being completely ready to depart the womb. The most vital organs including the lungs, heart, skin and stomach may not be matured fully for functioning without additional support. In such cases, Neonatology field of medicine is opted to overcome the critical conditions of baby. The word “neonatology” indicates “science of the newborn” wherein “neo” represents new, “natal” represents birth.

Need for Neonatologist

A neonatologist is the physician specialising in the neonatology domain. They undergo special training necessary to handle the medical conditions of newborns. DM neonatologist gets special training for 3 years after completing MD Paediatric degree, or may train from western countries and get fellowships, or paediatrician can acquire their fellowship from any of the Indian institutes. Additionally, the equipment and devices used by neonatologists are specially designed to help and suit the little patients. In certain situation, the paediatrician may advice for neonatologists evaluation and parents must ensure that the baby receives the best medical support like that provided at Nyle Hospital.

Even though a paediatrician can handle most of the newborns health problems, aneonatologistis specifically trained to solve high-risk and complex situations. In few other cases, a neonatologist may join with the healthcare provider during delivery and provide assistance, if the born is born prior to due date. If in case, the baby is detected with problem inside the womb, the regular visits are shared by obstetrician as well as neonatologist throughout the gestational period.

Responsibilities of Neonatologists at Nyle Hospital

Neonatologists usually offer the following medical care to kids:

Diagnosing and treating the newborns with certain conditions including infection, breathing disorder and defects of birth.
Providing care and medically managing the premature babies and those critically sick or in the state of immediate surgery.
Suggesting proper nutrition favouring growth and healing of surgically treated babies.
Providing care to babies and mother during C-section or normal delivery that may serve to compromise the health of infant demanding for medical intervention in the labour ward.
Stabilising and treating newborns at the risk of life-threatening medical issues.
Coordinating with obstetricians, family physicians and paediatricians regarding family history possible to affect the newborns.
Neonatologists are seen to work chiefly in the NICUs or special care nurseries at hospitals. The main aim of Nyle Hospital is to ensure that premature babies have perfectly intact survival rather than just saving them from risk. Sometimes, after the discharge of newborn from hospital, a neonatologist may suggest for short-term regular visits as outpatients. In addition, the neonatologist would coordinate with the babys paediatrician for healthy progress.