Paediatric Dermatology Get Rid of Skin Problems!

Are you worried about the welt, rash or bump seen on your kid’s skin? The main sources are sickness, cold or heat and allergies that create some changes on the skin. Many problems go away as theyappeared without any treatment. However, certain skin related issues need healthcare attention and may get worsened, if left untreated.

Paediatricdermatologyis a subspecialty in medical field dealing with the diagnosis and management of problems related to nails, hair andskin. It involves treatment of cosmetic problems associated with skin, nails, hair and scalp. Paediatric dermatologist is the medical practitioner specializing in this field and cares for all aged children with genetic, acquired and severe skin disorders. Moreover, the treatment for nail and hair comes under the control of paediatric dermatologist.

The skin related issues occurring in neonatal and children are under constant research by the clinical paediatrics dermatology department. All such paediatrics studies are very essential because the skin of a child is more sensitive than adults and requires additional care and real attention from the clinical or medical aspects.

Special Training Completed byPaediatric Dermatologists

Paediatric dermatologists are certified to serve children with:

  • 4 years of medical degree

  • 1 year of internship training in paediatrics specialty

  • 2 years of dermatology training

  • 1 to 3 years of fellowship training in paediatric dermatology

General Services Provided by Dermatologists

Several kinds of skin conditions are handled by paediatric dermatologists. Some of the general services provided by them include:

  • Many skin related defects produce same kind of marks or signs. Paediatric dermatologists expertise in diagnosing and treating wide range of skin conditions such as eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, hives, vitiligo, warts, congenital skin disorders, birthmarks and hemangiomas.
  • The type of treatment varies for different skin problems. In some cases prescription of just oral drugs by paediatric dermatologists can resolve the skin conditions to normal.

  • Certain conditions such as molluscum or warts or small lumps (cysts) call for surgical therapy. Only a paediatric dermatologist can handle the situation in the appropriate way.

  • Skin biopsies are performed by paediatric dermatologists for detection of skin cancers, changing moles, chronic fungal or bacterial skin infection, noncancerous growths and precancerous cells.

Common Skin Conditions Treated

Applying traditional and advanced procedures and techniques, Nyle Hospitals healthcare providers have the expertise and experience to resolve variety of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, autoimmune skin disorder, epidermolysis bullosa, birthmarks(moles, hemangiomas, port wine stains), genetic skin diseases, lumps, vascular anomalies, skin andbumps growths, nail and hair abnormalities, pigmentary abnormalities, skin infections, psoriasis, sun-sensitive conditions and lot more. Every single child is different and may need varying rendition of therapeutic methods. At Nyle Hospital, with experienced physicians, specialists and surgeons each childs needs are handled accordingly.