Paediatric Occupational Therapy at Nyle Hospital Effective and Efficient

Paediatric occupational therapy is the subspecialty that aims to maximise the potential of children with difficulties in their physical, emotional and social development. The occupational therapists work in close contact with children and family members, academic institutions, society and other paediatric healthcare professionals. The application of therapeutic methods and fun-filled activities help the therapists to improvise the capabilities and independent skills of children. Based on the requirement of each kid, the intervention may vary accordingly.
Some of the common therapeutic techniques applied by an OT include:?

  • Perceptual-motor therapy
  • Sensory-motor or sensory integration therapy
  • Dynamic orthosis and splinting of inactive upper limb
  • Play therapy
  • Neuro-developmental therapy
  • Functional handwriting training
  • Functional approach for improving eating, dressing, and toileting skills.
  • Training for environmental adaptations or modifications, for example training to use toileting and seating equipment

Occupational therapists may render their services at childs home, nursery, hospital, school and other appropriate locations in the society as per the demand. The POT team may involve in the rehabilitation programme wherein the development problems of a child are yet to be diagnosed. The concentration on kids and their families is dependent on the extent of difficulty or disorder relating to communication such as:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Developmental delays
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Dyspraxia
  • Sensory integration
  • Aspergers syndrome

Paediatric specialists tend to understand the effect of sensory integration disorders, sensory processing disorders, motor development and regulatory issues upon childrens ability in relating and interacting with others including family members and outsiders as well as efficiently travelling throughout the

developmental milestones that is needed in achieving their fullest potential. This therapeutic approach is applied both by the paediatric occupational and speech therapist.

Paediatric occupational therapy service benefits kids falling into different categories, right from premature babies to children with ADHD and reading or writing difficulties. The general areas addressed by a paediatric occupational therapist include:

  • Cognitive skills

    Helping to remember shapes, letters and sequences

  • Gross motor skills

    Helping to coordinate body and balance

  • Fine motor skills

    Facilitating finger dexterity, control of forearm and wrist, and improving hand strength

  • Social skills

    Improving the ability to take turns, listen and follow directions

  • Self-care tasks

    Teaching to be independent in performing day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing and eating

Paediatric occupational therapists apply play technique such as toys, games, songs puzzles and physical exercises while handling children so as to motivate them and reduce their fears or anxiety towards the therapy. The aim of paediatric occupational therapy is not just to favour kids in progressing adequately but also transform them completely by improving confidence and self-esteem in terms of aptitude and capabilities.