Paediatric Physiotherapy at Nyle Hospital

paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy is the area of medical science involving the treatment of children or youngsters with physical conditions that influence normal development of childhood. Paediatric physiotherapists make use of techniques and procedures that facilitate a childs overall development coping with physical and development needs making him independent in the growing phase towards adulthood. They have special training to assess and treat infants, children and adolescents experiencing motion difficulties. Usually, kids are referred to benefit from this service by orthopaedic consultants and paediatricians.

Conditions Addressed by Paediatric Physiotherapists

The common conditions treated by paediatric physiotherapist are categorised as follows


  • Brain injury
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Cerebral palsy or Down syndrome
  • Early interference for premature babies, heart conditions, metabolic disorders and any congenital conditions involving long-term hospital stay and constant care
  • Hypertonia and Hypotonia
  • Gross motor and global developmental delay
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • Autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder


    • Congenital talipes calcaneovalgus (CTCV) and congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV)
    • Torticollis
    • Sports injury and post fracture care
    • Plagiocephaly
    • Poor posture and hip dysplasia
    • Pes planus or flat foot and abnormal gait – pigeon toe or intoeing, tip toeing


    • Post surgical care
    • Neuro-rehabilitation


    • Chest physiotherapy for ICU-airway clearance, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, chronic lung disease and cystic fibrosis

    Weight management

    • Managing weight gain during post surgical care
    • Controlling obesity

    Key Tasks of Paediatric Physiotherapists Include:

  • Proper planning of assessment and care – They assess motor ability, postural ability and joint movements of children and youngsters
  • Providing physiotherapy services for the overall physical development of children
  • Guiding in the appropriate selection and use of equipment such as standing frames, special seating, walking frames, etc.
  • Enabling children to attain highest physical potential
  • Promoting normal physical motion of children
  • Reducing the risk of deformity and contractures development
  • Improving the level of childs independence
  • Support for affected childs family
  • Collaborating with childs healthcare providers
  • Rehabilitation service after orthopaedic surgeryThe paediatric physiotherapists make use of wide range of approaches customised to meet each kids needs. Some of the commonly applied approaches include postural management, exercise programmes, walking aids, bespoke orthotics and special equipment recommendation. One of the important roles performed by paediatric physiotherapist is the coordination with childrens parents and others in providing proper support and advice that are essential for improving childs condition outside hospital along with medicines.