Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Seek Medical Support at Nyle Hospital

Preventing the overflow of water is better than cleaning the overflowed water! Similarly, it is always better to avoid unwanted pregnancy rather than trying to terminate a conceived baby through abortion. The simplest preventive measures for avoiding unwanted pregnancy are opting contraceptive methods.

Various Contractive Measures


Right from several years, a condom is considered as the cost-effective and easiest way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. This is a very thin latex rubber sheath fitting the erecting penis and collects the sperms flowing out. It can be removed easily and discarded. Moreover, it is cheap and available anywhere.

Oral Contraceptive Pills:

Women prefer to go with oral contraceptive pills because they are easy to take and at the same time very effective. Release of ovum can be prevented by consuming these pills regularly. Some of the pills help in secreting thick mucus like substance in the cervix which stops sperms entry through it. Another advantage is that these pills help to balance hormones and regularize menstrual periods as well as vaginal bleeding disorders.

Copper T

Copper T is an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) which provides protection against pregnancy for long duration of time. It is effective and has very less side-effects. It is basically inserted into the uterus after childbirth. The preventive process is done in two ways, either by preventing fertilization implantation or by constantly secreting hormones that do not encourage sticking of fertilized eggs to the uterus. This device can remain in womans uterus providing protection for about 10 years.

DMPA Injections

DMPA represents Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate and the injections are administered into womans body over a period of 3 months. The hormone progesterone present in the injection prevents fertilization thereby avoiding pregnancy. It is injected intramuscularly on womans arms and is safer than condoms.

Intra-vaginal Bolus

Bolus is a drug used to prevent pregnancy by inserting it into the vaginal opening 30 min before the onset of sexual activities. It acts as a spermicide by melting inside the cervix and creating a creamy layer. Upon entry of sperms after intercourse, the spermicide tends to kills them all.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills

One of the easiest measures is to consume these pills orally 12 h after vigorous intercourse. Mostly used by woman who plans for scheduled pregnancy. These emergency pills stops embryo embedment and controls pregnancy. However, it should not be used too often.

Other ways of preventing unwanted pregnancy is trying for permanant birth control techniques after delivery. If a woman decides to become sexually active, it is important for her seek ways thatreduce the risk of sexually transmitted infectionas well as unwanted pregnancy. However, it is always safe to take physicians guidance in choosing the right measure.